About Me

kostasliakeasIt was on a Friday many years ago when a professor in the Dept. of Mathematics distributed to my class a FOR.TRAN book. Back then I could not perceive the upcoming change to the way I viewed the world. That yellow book haunted me for months. As a zealot I took a deep dive in the sea of knowledge that I discovered, not caring even for a minute about the lack of structured knowledge about editors, compilers and operating systems. For quite some time I forgot lunch breaks,  friends and social life as in every spare moment I rushed in the data center to try a new algorithm as a new fragment of creation for me.

Around 10 years after that seminal time, I had the opportunity to work for the Athens Stock Exchange where I met the challenges of applying technology in a Financial Institution. Since then, the application of technology (and -more important- of innovation through technology) in Financial Institutions became my main interest and defined my career.

In case you want to see more (and better structured) information about me, please visit http://www.linkedin.com/in/konstantinosliakeas. In case you need to contact me please use liakeas@gmail.com.

I’d like to thank Nikos Mazos and Antonis Melachrinos from  ACCEPTED  a boutique firm providing IT consulting. Nikos and Antonis supported the idea of the blog and created the header. Finally, I’d also like to thank Dimitris Mavroyiannis (CIO Greece @ EFG Eurobank) who -back in 1988- provided the first opportunity for me to work in a web 1.0 environment and Panos Kontopoulos who in 2005 provided insight on web 2.0.



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